Value Singles

Do you know about Value Singles?

These are single games that have big odds otherwise known as value odds.


TangoPredict Value Singles.

Checkout some of our recent value singles winning (will be updated weekly).

If you’re ready to make cool cash from football betting and you love to cashout weekly then this plan is for you.

Stop looking for fixed match(it doesn’t exist so stop wasting your money by being scammed by them fake fixed sellers).

Stop using #100 to win millions because at the end of the year that #100 would have accumulated to big losses.

With our 90%+ win rate, weekly cashout is a must in Value Singles.

Please note, this plan is not for everybody.

It is only for high stakers and you need to show proof before you can join the Value Singles Membership.

So don’t contact us about this if you don’t have a minimum bankroll of #10,000.

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