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Afcon2019 Final Betting Tips

Today is the d.day. Today the king of African football shall be crowned. Who do you think will win the Afcon2019 final? Tell us in the comment section. You can get free bets on http://Tangopredict.com/freebets Stack up on the tips

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No Final Betting Prediction

Too bad, Nigeria won’t play in the #TotalAfcon2019 final. That freekick from Mahrez was lit. Nigeria had better start scouting for a goal keeper. Did you notice that it’s when people promise the super eagles of Nigeria big money, that’s

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Hot Saturday 13th July Tips

Are you feeling the heat? Good thing the sun came out today to suppress the cold. How are you hitting the bookies, HOT or COLD? If you want to give them hot hot, CLICK HERE The bookies will give you

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Monday Motivation Bet Tips

I heard some people hate Mondays especially the 9-5ers. Here’s some Monday motivation for you. Live, Laugh, Love everyday to the fullest. You go dey alright las las….. If you want more ACCA games, visit http://Tangopredict.com/vip Not much games today,

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