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Sunday 23rd Free Soccer Tips

No need for long talks, visit us daily for more free games. do not advice you to accumulate all our free games together, pick your best 3-4 and stake. If you wish to win more with over 85%+ Accuracy, come

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Midweek FreeSoccerBet 12th February

It’s the midweek of the second week and we present to you our money making freesoccerbets. We advise you not to accumulate all our free games but you should rather pick 3-4 from them and stake. For your big odds

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Best Bet of The Day 8th February

It’s a loaded weekend and time to bank some cool cash from the bookies. If you havent joined our VIP then you’re on a long thing. Signup now to get your weekly cashout. Visit http://Tangopredict.com/vip Join the bookmakers below and get

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Last Day in November

Today is the last day of the month of November. The year is gradually coming to an end. I pray we all come out strong. Your story can still change before the year ends. Join our winning VIP group and

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Number Changed Tips

Our phone number has changed. Our new number is 08076671264. That’s our new WhatsApp number. If we had any previous dealings, contact us on the new number. VIP spots are still open, join now on http://Tangopredict.com/vip Free football tips below.

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Tenth October 2019 Tips

Today is ten ten day, all today’s games shall be ten over ten. Stake with confidence, join the VIP crew HERE Lot’s of international games on this week. Enjoy the free games below.

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