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Freedom Friday Soccer Tips

In case you are wondering about the title, well it’s freedom Friday. Freedom from military rule it is. It can also be your freedom from huge betting losses. Our VIP members have been freed from constant losses to the bookies.

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Democracy Day Soccer Tips

Happy June 12 democracy day to all Nigerians. I hope our leaders do well and make the citizens enjoy the dividends of democracy. Our VIP members have been enjoying the dividends of democracy from us. Steady back to back VIP

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Football Cup Betting Tips

Hope you are enjoying all the different football competitions going on around the world? FIFA Women’s Worldcup is on. Euro 2020 qualifications is on. Under 20 World Cup is on. International Friendly Games are going on. There’s a lot happening

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Holiday Soccer Predictions

After the fast comes the feast. Are you ready to feast on Alabi’s largesse? The bookies have enough money to go round and they say you should come and collect it. To collect your share, click here When you join

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