Second Midweek November 2021 Games

Refreshing time out for the serious punters to analyse and strategize for the big games in the coming days.

if you gerrit, you gerrit.

If you don’t Gerrit, then forgerrit…..

19.00Arminia Ludwigshafen – Wormatia 08 WormsO2.5
19.00Staaken 1919 – Victoria Seelow1
19.00Schweinfurt 05 - TSV BuchbachO2.5
18.00Kosovo – Jordan1x
21.00Wigan - Shrewsbury1x
23.00Atletico Mineiro MG – CorinthiansDnb 1
18.45Barcelona women – TSG HoffenheimO2.5
21.00Benfica women – Hacken1x
21.00Lyon women – Bayern Munich1x
21.00Exeter - Bristol Rovers1x

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