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Second Tuesday in October Tips

If ever you are in doubt, remember what Mama told you. Brown skin girls, the best punters inna the world…. Glow like diamonds, visit Enjoy below games. Please follow and like us:989

First Monday in October Tips

Workday Monday, hope your weekend was lit. Yesterday wasn’t so good though as some heavyweights faltered. If you avoided them, then good for you. If you are not sure of what teams to stake on, join our VIP to get

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First Sunday in October Predictions

The first Sunday in October is a day of Thanksgiving. Let us give thanks for previous month’s and hope for more successful future months. Our VIP members give thanks every month because of how we put a smile on their

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First Saturday in October

Today is the first Saturday in this wonderful month of October. The money making month. If you didn’t make any money last month, don’t worry. This is your month of victory. Get your sure football tips from The big

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